The psychological decoding of resilience - the foundation of business sustainability

Key Facts

  • Precise and in-depth insight on one’s sources of stress and coping effectiveness
  • Easy access – online administration available in different languages
  • Takes as little as 15 minutes
  • Various report styles to accommodate different needs
  • Built-in validity and social desirability checks
  • National and Multinational norms are customizable

Practical Case Driven

Based on clinical findings and practical cases with the needs of organizations in mind 


Provides a comprehensive picture with both stressors and protective mechanisms

Science and Data-Driven

Solidly grounded in cutting-edge science and empirically-derived data

Development Focus

Provides details of the strengths and weaknesses around resilience, which can suggest concrete areas for individuals to work on

Culturally Sensitive

Developed by native senior 
Psychologists from different culture

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